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Planning & Decorating a Fabulous Party or Event has never been Easier!


Purchasing Sassaby DIY Party Printables is a Quick & Easy Process, designed to be as user-friendly as possible.



VISIT our Tutorials Page to view Videos designed to assist you during your Sassaby DIY Experience!







All Sassaby Products are Do-it-Yourself Digital Files presented in High Resolution 400dpi .PDF format, which is compatible with both Mac & PC computers using the Adobe Acrobat Reader XI Software.


No physical Item is shipped. All Items Sold are Digital Files.


Sassaby Do-it-Yourself Printable Products are designed to be Easy to use so all you need to do is:

  • Purchase your selected Sassaby Printables via our Online Shop
  • Download the files you receive via email to your Computer Hard drive
  • Edit your Printable files using Adobe Acrobat Reader XI (if required)
  • Print your Printable files at Home or via a Professional Printing Service






SELECT your Sassaby Products via our Online Shop or Browse Sassaby Products, and add them to your Shopping Cart.


If you are not already Registered as a Sassaby Member, you will be asked to Sign Up, before making a Purchase.



If you have questions, requests or would like any assistance with an order, please refer to our FAQ Page or Contact Us. We're happy to help!


PAYPAL is the only Payment Method we accept. All Prices are quoted in AUD {Australian Dollars}.







Upon completion of the PAYPAL Checkout Process, you will receive an email {sent to your PayPal Email Address} containing encrypted Digital Product Download Links.


Each File will be listed separately in the Product Download Email:

{example: Part 1:}


The Download links in your Product Download Email are valid for a time period of 14 DAYS with a limit of four downloads per link ~ whichever is used first.


Please Note: Some email providers see Encrypted Links within an email as SPAM and will automatically send the Product Download email to a Spam/Junk Mail Folder.




CLICK on your Product Links, and you will be directed to a blank webpage, where your files will automatically begin to download to your computer.


The files will download to the usual folder that you have selected to send ALL files downloaded from the internet. (If you are unsure of what folder this is, please familiarise yourself by viewing your Internet Options and checking where your Download folder is located.)


You may be asked if you want to proceed with your download by a Virus Scanner or Firewall – always click YES, or PROCEED, in order to commence the download of your Files.


Please ensure the first thing you do is save the downloaded PDF files to your Computer Hard Drive, so that you always have an un-edited copy as a backup.


If you have not received your Product Download Email in your Inbox after your completed purchase, please check your Junk Mail folder.





Personalisation of the text is NOT included with your product purchase.


If you would like Custom Text, or to have your product Personalised and sent back to you as a completed file, there is a $5 Custom Design Charge for this service.


Please contact us for more information.







To open the PDF file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader XI – Which is a FREE Download for Mac & PC Users at



**All Fonts & Colours are embedded in the files, so the file will look just like the online example, but with your own details.**




The image above is an example of how your editable Sassaby Printables will look when opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader XI


When you click on the 'HIGHLIGHT EXISTING FIELDS' tab, the editable fields will be highlighted in BLUE.   Then, simply EDIT the existing Text and replace with your own.






To view & edit your files, you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader XI (Version 11). This software is availalbe as a FREE Download for Mac and PC Users.


All editable files have embedded Fonts, Font Colours and Sizes, and should appear as you see them in the example above, so you can add your own Letters/Words/Numbers.


**Please Note: Earlier versions of the Adobe Reader Software (such as 9 & 10 or X) do not allow the Editing & Saving Capabilities for Mac & PC Users that Version 11 now offers.



Saving Files


To save your files with Mac or PC using Adobe Acrobat Reader XI simply select the Save Option from the FILE Menu.


You can then upload your designs to a Flash Drive or Online Printing Service to have your items printed professionally. (See Below)





When using Adobe Acrobat Reader XI you have the option to Print at Home, via a Flash Drive at your Local Print Store or by Uploading your Saved files to an Online Printing Service.


If you are Saving your files, you can Save them to your Computer Hard Drive to Upload to an online printing service such as VistaPrint or SnapFish.


For Invitations, Party Circles & Labels, Banners, Boxes, Party Signs & Pinwheels, we recommend Bright White Paper or Cardstock which is 120gsm in weight or heavier.

This ensures a Professional 'card like' finish.


For Loot Bags/Popcorn Bags & Envelopes, regular (80gsm) printer paper works best.







Files not Received


If you have not received your Product Download email, Please check your Spam/Junk Mail Folder as the email with your encrypted links may have been filtered as Spam by mistake.



All Sassaby DIY Printable Purchases are emailed to your PAYPAL email address – not the email address you have signed up with.


Please add to your Email Address Book to prevent this from happening.




Downloading your Links


The Download links in your following email are valid for a time period of 14 Days with a limit of two (4) attempts to download each link {whichever is used first}.


Please check that any Virus Scanners or Firewalls are switched off as they may block your files from downloading to your computer.


**DO NOT Download Links on your iPhone or iPad. Files are not compatible with these devices and cannot be saved.**




Fonts Issues


If your files do not contain the correct Fonts, and appear to have only a small computer font, this means you do not have the latest version of the Adobe Reader Software which is Adobe Acrobat Reader XI, and it will need to be updated via the download link provided above.


Simply clicking 'Check for Updates' in your current software is not enough. You must have Version 11 of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software as mentioned above.




Wrong Version of Adobe Acrobat Reader


Sometimes the incorrect version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is being used, even when you think you have already updated to Version 11.


This is because Adobe Acrobat Reader has minimum Computer System Requirements.



Computer Operating Systems required to run Adobe Acrobat Reader XI (Version 11) are:


- PC computer running Windows XP, Windows 7 or 8


- MAC Computer running Mac OS X v10.6.4 (Snow Leopard) or higher (v10.7 (Lion) or v10.8 (Mountain Lion).



Earlier versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader such as 9, X or 10.1 etc may not show up the embedded editable fonts correctly, and DO NOT allow the SAVE function as Adobe Acrobat Reader XI (Version 11) does.




To find out what version of Adobe Acrobat Reader you have installed in your Computer please follow the steps below:


PC Users: 

  1. Open the Adobe Acrobat Reader Program installed on your computer.
  2. Go to the HELP Menu. Select 'About Adobe Acrobat Reader'.
  3. Your Version Number will be listed in the Popup Window (see below)

MAC Users:

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.
  2. Go to 'Adobe Reader' in your top Menu Bar, then select 'About Reader'.
  3. Your Version Number will be listed in the Popup Window (see below)

Adobe Reader XI is the only version that Sassaby Recommends.


It is available for FREE at


Adobe Reader XI About View


*Please Note: Not all Computer Operating Systems can run Adobe Acrobat Reader XI – If you are unsure of your system, please see the information regarding 'System Requirements' above.









You have the printing rights and can print as many as you want from home, at a local print shop, or by uploading the file to an online printing service.


PLEASE NOTE: All Sassaby designs is for Personal Use Only.


You may not forward, share, sell or distribute any Sassaby files.


All files are strictly for non-commercial use only.


© Copyright 2011 Sassaby DIY Printable Parties. All Rights Reserved.



If you wish to use any Sassaby Product for Party Planning/Decorating Services or as a Business, Please Contact Us.



All Sassaby purchases are non-refundable due to the nature of the products sold.







Visit our FAQ Page to find out more


Contact Us with any questions or queries